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ICG03 replaceable force controlled direct grinding machine

ICG03 replaceable force controlled direct grinding machine ICG03 is a fully intellectual property intelligent polishing equipment launched by SRI, with constant axial force floating ability, constant axial force, and real-time adjustment. It does not require complex robot programming and...


SRI participated in the China International Industrial Expo, with a continuous flow of people!

 The Industrial Expo is fleeting The 2023 China International Industrial Expo and its successful conclusion on the 23rd Yuli Instruments has attracted visitors and partners from around the world with its latest products such as intelligent floating grinding heads, six axis force sen...

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Sunrise Instruments (SRI) is a technology company specialized in the development of six axis force/torque sensors, auto crash testing load cells, and robot force-controlled grinding.

We offer force measuring and force control solutions to empower robots and machines with the ability to sense and act with precision.

We commit to excellence in our engineering and products to make the robot force control easier and human travel safer.

We believe that machines + sensors will unlock endless human creativity and is the next stage of industrial evolution.

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